Monday, November 17, 2008


The year 1978 was when I was born. While growing up I knew that one-day I would become a successful person. Throughout grade school, middle school and high school I used to bet kids a dollar here a dollar there. I would always say throw a “buck on it”. It didn’t matter what it was I was just fascinated with the one-dollar bill. I knew after time, the more of these little green pieces of paper the more money that I was going to have.

See understanding that more paper means more money. What exactly is paper?? Paper is the definition of “Dollar”. If you never understood that the word Paper means dollar then you won’t understand that “Benjamin” means one hundred dollar paper neither. Paper. How do you get paper?

50 Cents

Well when you go to get something to eat in the morning what happens. Let’s see. You have 50 cents on you and there is a newspaper stand in front of the restaurant. You reach in your pocket, wiggle the change around, make some noise with it, and play with it and then the question. Do I buy the paper? Depends. Do you like to read?? I would say so, cause if your reading this right now, I’m almost positive that you bought that Paper and this paper book,.….”ABC”….While spending that 50 cents, you have to figure out and remember where that 50 cents came from. It came from half of the dollar paper. That dollar paper was earned in some way. When your spending change, you don’t realize that those coins can work for you and create more paper in the long run.


What exactly do I mean? Change! That’s it! In the presidential election in 2008, Obama, would always say we need to change. Change the world. Change? How does one person change the world? He is able to motivate people on his vision. Vision is something that you will have to learn. Will get into detail about Vision later, but for now lets get back to the word Change.

Change is very important to understand. If you can learn to change your mentality, spending habits you will have more paper. I need you to understand that the word Change can take you a far way in life. You have to be able to overcome obstacles, challenges and anything possible that may oppose a problem to you succeeding. “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” If you think for one minute that your going to get rich overnight that’s fine, but realistic you have to earn every dollar every day.

An average working person is going to work hard, go to school, get a degree and work on the career in that aspect. I’m not saying that school is something meant for everyone cause I didn’t go to college in fact I dropped out of high school. When I was younger I really didn’t have the interest in school. I couldn’t sit there and study something that didn’t interest me. How could you do something that you don’t like to do? In fact some of the most successful people in the world didn’t go to school.

I’m not encouraging you to not go to school, cause there is a lot that you can learn from school and there is a lot that you can learn from one another. Its just not meant for some people. How I looked at school was why would I spend money on someone teaching me something that only makes 30,000 a year? That to me just doesn’t make sense. Here is a teacher that’s suppose to teach me to make six figures but doesn’t even make it himself? What kind of sense is that? There going to teach me to make less money. I’m sorry but I can’t have student loans on my credit report and have debt going into a career.

Now if that s your choice then make that happen. There is a lot of positives and negatives that life is going to throw at you. Once you can learn how to eliminate the negativity and turn it into positive thoughts your going to be better off.

The way that I see you looking at things is that you should make your own decisions. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something that you really want to do. Trust me on that. There is going to be people out there that are going to have there own opinions. Opinions are what other people think is right, not nessasary true or a fact. That’s why it’s an opinion.

If your wondering how to make it a fact, and how you can better yourself, well you have to first understand why? What is it that motivates you? Think about it. What do you want. You have to set realistic goals in life that your going to hit. Short term, mid term, and long term. Short term would be maybe 1 to 3 months. Midterm would be 3-6 months and Long term would be a year or more. Start by writing down it is that you want. Do you have a pen? How about a note pad? Paper? Do not continue reading until you have what I just asked you.

Okay, so I will assume that you have a pen and paper ready to go. Write down exactly what it is that you would like to have. This is the plan that your going to follow. Put the date at the top of the paper. As you decide upon what it is, always know that you are your worst enemy in anything that you do. I want you to keep the notepad near by so you can take bits and pieces out of this book and right them down. Were going to work on getting you ahead. It takes patients and determination. The reason I say write down what comes to mind is that when you say it and write it you will be able to accomplish it faster and with better focus. Because you wrote it down, you won’t forget what you are working for.

So what do you have on your paper right now?? I know the answer. Nothing? Are you finished? Can I continue? Are you ready?? Do you want to learn? That is the key to your success. There is going to be many people that read what you just read and follow threw. And then there will be people that just didn’t write anything down, after I specifically told you what to do to succeed. There is no reason to continue reading, because your not ready!! If by some chance witch I believe that you wrote down the plan and date at the top of the paperwork along with short term mid term and long term goals then lets make it happen!! That’s called challenging the mind. Be honest you didn’t write something down until now. I’m no fool. I will sell millions of copies of this book, because we all need to learn. It’s okay lets move forward.

Listen, learn, and apply. Those three words can go a long way. Work is something that everyone has to do at some point in there life. The most successful people are working non-stop. We never sleep. Our minds are continuously thinking of new ways to succeed. Money never sleeps!! Before you know it, your doing something to better yourself. It happens right in front of you on a daily basis. You just need to see it. Lets work on growing up.


Growth what is it? It’s moving forward. Getting taller? Older? Lets look at it like this. Seeds. Seeds need to be planted in soil for one reason. That is to grow. You are a seed now. I’m going to put you in the dirt and water you immediately. Without proper care your going to die. See that’s what happens to you when you get ahead and something bad happens, which in return forces you to go backwards. In this case were going to move forward. In some cases when your growing flowers you may need some miracle grow. Miracle grow helps speed the growth process up of a plant. It gives the seed the proper nutrients it needs. Well in day to day life, you need to continue to feed yourself. Feed yourself with positive reinforcement! If I didn’t look on the bright side everyday, I would be living in the dark. To grow the seed you need proper light or the sun. Depending upon where your growing the seed.

So while your growing you need to take care of yourself. You’re a seed and your just starting to grow. You need to look at all positives and focus on them. Give yourself some water, and light. You will grow just like a seed. At the end of the day as long as you grew futher then the beginning of the day that’s good. I tell you, the more that you care about yourself the faster your going to get what you always wanted. Plants die because you don’t take care for them. Some die because the winter comes. Other live year round because its nice out. Well you have to live in all four seasons. That’s the only way. No handicap. Picture the winter coming and what type of care would you take. Would you move to the warm parts, or manage to make it threw the toughest winter?


Relationships can either break you or make you. Trust me on that. You can become one of the most power-full persons in the whole world, or you could become the weakest persons in the whole world. You decide that. Remember earlier you are your worst enemy. Lets talk about something everyone can relate to. What do you think that is?? Life! What is life and how do relationships make your life. In today’s world if you think that you can do everything on your own, good luck.

“Partnership” relationships can make you very wealthy. You have a trust factor with someone that your going to do business with. Trust is key in everything. You can trust anyone that you feel in your heart are great people and always remember that it could come back on that person that you trusted so much. The carma comes back to haunt them. That person takes something from you. Your soul. Your soul is everything in life. You have to have blind faith in anything that you do. What is blind faith? Seeing something and turning it into reality!! You want 1,000 next week. Well take the steps to make 1,000 next week. No excuses.

Does your current job pay you that money? Or does Job stand for just over broke!! Yes that’s what that is. Were tough around here. We want careers. If you think that working for someone else, doing the same thing that your boss is doing and make less money is the way to go?? Come on now. That would make no sense at all. Maybe to learn more? So what im saying is pick the career that you want to learn in, that’s going to enable you to open your own company one day. You get all the benefits as a owner of the company. CEO. You have to love how that sounds. Well being in that position carries a lot of responsibility. Are you responsible? Could you manage many people? Lawsuits? What else? You will make more money working for yourself then being a slave for someone. Always do something that's going to make you happy though. If owning your own company is not for you, then just defintely do something that makes you happy!!

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